Dany Bahar – The Story Of A Brand Guru

Brand acquaintance is the fizz byword of the 21st century’s business philosophy. A few decades ago we didn’t allocution cast we talked ‘make’. What ‘make’ is your new television… what ‘make’ is your new car… we’d agilely ask – in an era area cast acceptance was not such a axiological allotment of our lives as it is today.

But cast – a chat which, funnily enough, is acquired from the Old Norse ‘brandr’, acceptation ‘to burn’, is authentic today as a name, term, design, attribute or any added affection that identifies one seller’s acceptable or account as audible from those of added sellers’, according to the American Business Association. In absolute actuality the acknowledged appellation for cast is trademark.

Conversely, in the auto industry, brands were originally alleged ‘marques’, a chat which is still acclimated in advertence to motor vehicles. Creating a cast and again authoritative humans acquainted of it to the point that they anon analyze its logo, commercial chime or such like because of associations in the memory, is what every cast authority sets out to accomplish from day one.

Brand gurus are a appropriate cast of people: they accept about created and again developed a ‘make’ until it has become a domiciliary name and is admired – even coveted – in the market. Absolute cast gurus are few and far amid – there are apparently over 100,000 cast managers for just one ‘guru’ in today’s bazaar and their specialist knowledge, their assurance to acceleration aloft all others is not the aftereffect of training, it’s the artefact of instinct.

One such man with this appropriate aptitude is Dany Bahar, Group Lotus’s CEO, whose career this biographer has followed for some years. Regarded by some in the industry as an enigma, Bahar is nonetheless one of the finest cast gurus about today. Why has he been alleged ‘an enigma’? It’s apparently because he has, through abundant of his contempo career, managed to accumulate his accomplishments and clandestine activity quiet while at the aforementioned time, announcement some of the world’s a lot of recognisable brands.

But these brands were built-in out of his activity and accomplished until they became astounding all-around successes. Already a acclimatized business able in the acreage of sports business afore he was headhunted for Red Bull by Dietrich Mateschitz in 2005, Bahar has nonetheless become accepted as the man who took Red Bull by the horns and fabricated it a all-around brand. One of his aboriginal moves on abutting the aggregation was to accommodate a accord for Red Bull Racing to use Ferrari engines.

During the two years he spent with Red Bull, he had congenital up such an enviable acceptability for – and a all-around acquaintance of – the brand, that it charcoal today badly successful.

He confused from Red Bull to Ferrari in 2007 where, as Senior VP for the Commercial and Cast Department, he set up a new analysis aural the company, which managed and developed the Ferrari cast about the world. He headed sales and account on the assembly ancillary as able-bodied as marketing, licensing and affairs for the F1 team. Bahar shaped and tweaked in his consummate way and the name Ferrari today trips off the tongues of enthusiasts the apple over who, if they can’t allow the absolute thing, accept at atomic some account in their home or apparel branded with the acclaimed prancing horse logo.

And now he is at Group Lotus area he is alive to a 5 year plan advised to rejuvenate the aggregation and put the Lotus image, cast and acceptability as a world-class sports car and engineering accouterments aback area it belongs – on a acceptable streak.

I already asked Bahar to explain his aesthetics on branding. “I accept that the cast should access the humans alive for it, not the added way around,” he told me. “I aswell don’t yield the acceptable access to cast awareness. With Lotus we don’t do acceptable commercial with the barring of one or two appropriate markets. Instead, we focus on cast acquaintance activities – our motorsport assurance is the absolute archetype of this,” he explained.

And again about as a departure comment, he added: “People should feel our cast and wish to become allotment of it.”

There, in a nutshell, ‘become allotment of it’ epitomises this guru’s cast philosophy. He has helped to body dreams for humans – the airy and fun angel of Red Bull which he created, the aspirations of consumers to wish to own a prancing horse, and now the admiration to re-ignite activity for the acclaimed Lotus roar.

Already he’s on clue with his affairs for the accomplished cast – just a year into the 5 year plan, he’s been able to accomplish after-effects so far, admitting the challenges which faced him if he took over as CEO at Group Lotus just 21 months ago. And just so humans get the bulletin that Bahar the cast authority agency business, the company’s motorsport ancillary appear in July that it had formed Lotus Sport USA.

In fact, Bahar’s befitting the Lotus cast able-bodied in the beginning of motoring circles at the moment for there has been austere allocution this anniversary that it will bare a new LMP2 racer at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show with the aim of aggressive at Le Mans next year, starting with ALMS, the American Le Mans.

On top of this, Group Lotus has aswell just accepted it will be entering the Lotus Evora GTE in a abounding North American and International agenda for 2012, with a testing programme starting after this year.

There’s a assertive ring about things at the moment Chez Group Lotus – there’s a aggressiveness at Hethel which, to a acclimatized motorsports’ biographer like me, tells me that Bahar, the cast guru, is absolutely in business – and it’s been a acceptable account anniversary for him as he ploughs through his 5 year plan, 21 months down and just 39 to go till that final ambition is achieved!